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How did we ever lose communication? How did we ever lose each other’s sound? Baby, if you wanna, we can fix the situation Maybe we can stop the rain from coming down [1]   It’s rare that song lyrics effectively summarize the

I love it when I’m right, and I especially love it when what proves I’m write is something the kids find all cool and hip like Fortnite. In Chapter 2 of Copyright for Creatives I wrote: “Choreographic works are only protected if

By now you’ve probably heard the story about how leaders of The Door Christian Fellowship McAllen Church in McAllen, Texas thought that Hamilton [1] , a much-admired and long-running Broadway musical that has won, among other awards, 11 Tonys, a Grammy, and

Back in 2017, the group 3LW sued Taylor Swift, alleging that her 2014 song, “Shake It Off,” plagiarized lyrics from their 2001 song, “Playas Gon Play.” Specifically, 3LW points to the similarity between their lyric: “Playas, they gonna play / And haters,