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A comprehensive Guide to Copyright Law for People Who Make Stuff

Written for creative people like you, this book will help you better understand how to protect your work at a time when creativity is especially vulnerable to copying & theft!

Copyright for Creatives is a practical, real-world-oriented look at how copyright law specifically impacts creative people, written with them in mind. It’s designed to address the concerns, challenges, and copyright interests of makers: artists, crafters, dancers, writers, hobbyists, photographers, multimedia content creators, musicians, and more—all sorts of creative people who create things. The book values all creative work equally, and provides common-sense guidance that can be quickly applied by creative individuals  to ensure that not only is their work protected, but that they don’t violate other peoples’ intellectual property rights along the way.


Copyright for Creatives is consistently accessible and application-oriented, and includes an overview of the registration process, copyright-related terms of service of the major social media platforms, and quick, relevant discussions of trademark/patent protection and open access alternatives. If you’re a creative person, this book is for you.


“I have been a copywriter/content writer for 23 years and recently retired to become a full-time fiction author. I knew a lot about copyright law but there was so much more I didn’t know! Especially since I’ve been working with new social media platforms, TikTok creation and other mediums besides just the written word. This book is so incredibly helpful and the info is easy to understand and not stuffy and boring. I know I will reference it again and again. It’s a must for all creatives!”

“As a photographer, I was really interested in how to (or even if I even needed to) copyright some of my photographs. I came across this book and found it extremely helpful. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I found it very easy to read. The legal jargon is kept to a minimum, yet it seems thoroughly researched. The approach is often light-hearted, and I found the case studies really interesting. A surprisingly good and useful read!

“As an author, reviewer,  educator, and an art quilter, I’ve dealt with copyright issues in all of my endeavors. So, you can understand why I was excited to read “Copyright for Creatives’ by Evan M. Butterfield. This is a must-own book for any creative person and is especially relevant in today’s proliferation of ideas in social media. It is easy to read and is often quite entertaining.”

“This was a great resource to help me while looking at copyrights for opening my own business in the creative field. This book had a great format that made it easy to read and understand copyrights.”

“I think it’s a practical book that could be very helpful for creatives looking to copyright their work. t’s definitely a helpful book for many people!””

“Fantastic! I can’t stop giving people fun facts about intellectual property law.”

“The book has it all. What I have been looking for. All aspects of copyright law and everything that it entails. I recommend this to anyone that produces some kind of creative work.”



Over FIFTY Different Creative & Artistic Activities Covered!

Architecture  . Board Games . Calligraphy . Cartoons  . Characters . choreography . Clothing  . Comedy  . Comic Strips  . Comic Books  . Computer Programs . COMPUTER Games  . Costumes  . dance . FACEBOOK  .  Fan Art . Fan Fiction  . Fan Films  . FICTION . Film-making  . Game Design  . Gardening  .  Graffiti  . Graphic Design . Jewelry . Landscaping . Movies . Musical LYRICS & Composition  . Musical Performance . Musical Recordings  . Musical Sampling . Needlework, Fabrics & Quilts . NONFICTION . ONLYFANS . Painting . Patterns . PODCASTS . Performance Art . Photography .  POETRY . Pottery . Recipes & Cookbooks  . Sculpture  . Stained Glass  .  Tattoos  . Theater . Toys .  T-shirts . TWITTER  . Websites . Woodwork .  YOUTUBE . AND MORE!

whatever you do, this book has got you covered!

A lot of books about copyright are full of dull old discussions of dull old laws. Even the few books that focus on the needs of creators tend to limit themselves to a single creative expression.

Copyright for Creatives is different.

In addition to covering copyright law, Copyright for Creatives focuses specifically on over 50 unique creative activities, from architecture to writing; from computer programs to needlework. Whether you’re a graphic artist or a content creator on social media, Copyright for Creatives has something to say about how to use copyright law to protect your hard work. 

Your creative expression is worth the time and energy (and money) you invest in it; you should know how to defend your investment against people who think it’s OK to copy other peoples’ creative efforts for their own amusement…or financial gain.


table of contents

PART ONE  Copyright Law for Creatives                                       

Chapter 1  What is Copyright?  

Chapter 2   What Can’t be Copyrighted  

Chapter 3   Fair Use & Educational Use  

PART TWO   Copyright & Your Creative Work

Chapter 4  Crafts  

Chapter 5  Graphic Arts  

Chapter 6  Music  

Chapter 7  Needlework & Clothing  

Chapter 8  Performing Arts  

Chapter 9  Social Media   

Chapter 10  Visual Arts  

Chapter 11  Technology  

Chapter 12  Writing  

PART THREE   Protect Your Creative Work

Chapter 13  Registering Your Copyright  

Chapter 14   Open Access  

Chapter 15  A Bit About Trademarks

Chapter 16  Introduction to Patents

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