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This statement of Terms of Service (TOS) governs the use of the Web Extras & Reader Support website for the book, Copyright for Creatives (C4C). By accessing or using C4C, you agree to the following terms. Anyone violating these terms can be immediately banned from communicating with the author and/or accessing the site. Bans are not up for appeal or debate. Any requests for such will go unanswered.

1) Privacy
Your privacy is very important. Your email address, name, and other identifying information will never be shared without your permission, although questions or comments submitted via email or other media may be publicly quoted and identified by initials.
2) Communications
Submission of comments or questions via email or social media that contain spam, pornographic material, malware, trojans or any other harmful items is strictly prohibited, as are comments that are obscene, hateful, threatening or wishing acts of violence against other. Similarly, expressions of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism or other intolerance have no place here and will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for an immediate ban.
3) Editing
Understand that C4C reserves the right to edit any publicly-shared comment for the purpose of compliance with this policy statement, or for brevity or clarity. We also reserve the right to edit content for any reason not stated above.
4) Content
With the exception of the PDF covering contract law, which is intended to be freely available to readers of Copyright for Creatives, no content on this site may be downloaded, copied, shared, or distributed. The content of this site is protected by copyright, and the author will aggressively pursue infringements.